Tax Return Preparation............. "1, 2, 3!"

BEGIN by calling (732) 462 - 1471 for an appointment!

Private Meeting and Discussions



We meet privately to discuss your personal and/or business-fiduciary related concerns.  I interview you and determine your financial and tax related objectives.   I will consider your individual needs, any special situations,  the information you provide, and the adequacy of your records.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise additional concerns as the discussions develop.  You leave my office with an initial list of any items needed. 

Services are Started!



I will usually contact you after a week or so, although the tax accounting for a decedent's estate, or a business will of necessity take longer.   With your approvals I will research any issues, input and record your information as necessary, and document every item on your returns.  When finalized all tax returns undergo my multi-point review, whereby I prepare and present a Preparation Checklist or a Discussion Points Page for your approval and use at your exit meeting. 

Authorize and e-File



At the exit meeting, upon delivery of the hard paper copies of your tax returns, you will have the opportunity to review your returns and any tax accounting services provided, and to again discuss your planning objectives.   Only then will you authorize me to e-file the tax returns for you over the internet.   I will notify you in writing via the USPS when the returns have been accepted by the taxing authorities.